Monday, February 20, 2012

2/20/2012 Tubing Day!

Turns out I do have Internet access at our rental in Truckee, and I'm making ample use of it!

I'd messed up our ski school reservations, so the ones I was able to get last-minute were spread out across 4 days, with our only reservation today being for Gabriel. I decided to cancel it and "take it easy" today, which I'm glad about.

We went tubing at Boreal, which was a little bit of a bust after our last tubing experience at Sierra-at-Tahoe. Boreal's tube runs are much shorter, straigher, and not as steep, not as organized as Sierra-at-Tahoe's (for example, no one hustling people away at the bottom, causing long waits at the top). It doesn't absorb crowds well, which on President's Day are inevitable. The kids were bored after a short time and gladly went on to playing in the snow, which eventually bored me.

After the usual massive headache rounding them up, I did get a photo-op, which is what it's all about for me!

We spent the afternoon at our rental house, where the kids played outside for the better part of the afternoon. That's enough of that -- we're skiing tomorrow!