Saturday, July 21, 2012

7/21/12 The girls are back!

I feel like I need to make a confession.

Bless me mother, for I have's been over a week since I've last blogged....

I'd claim lack of material, but that's never stopped me before. I did spend two days in the city for a training class, staying overnight at some longtime motorcycling friends' house. That was really nice -- but I didn't know what to do with myself when I first arrived. I'm not used to "relaxing" after work!

The great news for is us that my friend Kristi's family is going on an Alaskan cruise for 2 weeks, and we get to rat-sit! The kids are thrilled at having the girls back.

None moreso than Gabriel, who says he never ever tires of having a rat in his pocket.

Sigh...we need a pet -- but for the next two weeks, we've covered!

It was super-hot today, unusual for here. Thank heavens for our pool membership!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

7/15/12 Uvas Canyon Camping

Twelve children...

And four moms....

tackled camping together in a lovely county park, less than an hours' drive from the Bay Area. Two of us had tried camping here before, and both got rained out, but this time, the weather was with us.

No shortage of water, however, and the favorite activity for all kids was creek-climbing. This included face-painting, getting doused in waterfalls, finding wildlife (including a baby rattlesnake and lots of very very cool banana slugs), some booooring hiking, and of course, lots of climbing.

Lots more pictures, and many from my photographic friends with good cameras that I don't have yet, so consider this a preview.

Still, how can you go wrong with that many children? (Five 5th-graders, five 3rd-graders and two 1st-graders). This was such a wonderful time that we're talking about making it annual! At least for the next few years, before our now-10-year-olds become too-cool teenagers to bother with us :).