Thursday, March 01, 2012

3/1/12 Sharks game

No photos -- what a day. Spent at the HP Pavilion (where the Sharks play), in the basement (where their locker rooms are and they go through to get to the ice), but for a work conference, a "tech forum." The express intent was to watch presentations and schmooze and get to know customers -- something I'm no good at, but I managed a few chats. Then we moved up to a suite to watch the game from the comfort of an unobstructed view, with plenty of room to move around, food, wine, company -- luxurious! I didn't stay for the whole thing though, it'd been a long day. I didn't even see the kids today besides a few minutes in the morning.

STILL working on my ski blog post, it should be shorter but I just never seem to have time to work on it. And I'm planning on taking them to Bear Valley on Saturday -- it SNOWED finally!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

2/26/2012 Back to reality

I've been blogging a lot -- but not publishing! I'm trying to write up our ski trip as "briefly" as possible, but you know how that goes for me.

My new camera takes video in .mov format, so I can edit the videos now with Adobe Premiere Elements 10. Being able to edit videos means a LOT of time -- I almost think I liked it better the old way! But I like being able to cut the video down, rather than telling people "the interesting part starts 32 seconds into it."

We got back mid-evening Friday night, recovered Saturday with a short but lovely visit from Laura and Ryan on their way back to L.A. after a work trip to S.F, then today mostly took care of things around the house. I went for my first run at Rancho San Antonio since injuring my back, and that was really nice to be reunited with one of my favorite places in the world. (I sure wish I hadn't messed up my alarm and missed Betsy though, we'd planned to meet at 7am but I woke up at 7:09!)

Lunches made, backpacks ready, work stuff starts all over again tomorrow. I wish we could go back to the mountains!