Thursday, March 01, 2012

3/1/12 Sharks game

No photos -- what a day. Spent at the HP Pavilion (where the Sharks play), in the basement (where their locker rooms are and they go through to get to the ice), but for a work conference, a "tech forum." The express intent was to watch presentations and schmooze and get to know customers -- something I'm no good at, but I managed a few chats. Then we moved up to a suite to watch the game from the comfort of an unobstructed view, with plenty of room to move around, food, wine, company -- luxurious! I didn't stay for the whole thing though, it'd been a long day. I didn't even see the kids today besides a few minutes in the morning.

STILL working on my ski blog post, it should be shorter but I just never seem to have time to work on it. And I'm planning on taking them to Bear Valley on Saturday -- it SNOWED finally!


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