Saturday, April 01, 2006

Pillow Play

This morning was Gabriel and Julian's last gymnastics class. They both really loved it, though they're so different in how they approach it. Gabriel's class is for older kids, without parents, and he follows along with almost military conformance. He insists on putting himself in the same place in the line, does all the correct hand motions, and clearly tries to do everything as the teacher demonstrates -- with an impish smile on his face the whole way. Julian, on the other hand, refuses to do the warmup, standing and staring motionless except for wagging his tongue, but then does the obstacle course with enthusiasm.

Julian's latest: I ask him to put something away, and he looks up at me and says, "I don't THINK so!"

I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, but I did snap a few of the boys playing with pillows, mostly throwing them and hitting each other. I have a very high tolerance for roughhousing, but even I sometimes cringe watching them together, pushing, kicking, hitting, grabbing necks, wrestling. Note how Gabriel's feet are poised to jump onto Julian's back!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trader Joe's Tumble

Today's big event was our usual hike at Rancho San Antonio, then to Trader Joe's to stock up on guilt-free convenience food. I forewent the car-carts, as often those cause more trouble than they're worth, and put Julian in the shopping cart's seat, while Gabriel walked with me, though he sometimes hangs on the back.

But as I turned my head to pick bananas, Gabriel climbed up the side of the shopping cart! I turned my head back just in time to see the cart, and Julian, topple to the ground on top of Gabriel! Julian had quite the fall. It was a shocking sight, the boys on the ground under the shopping cart, capturing the attention of numerous passersby, all of whom were asking if I needed help before I really knew.

Actually, it was immediately clear that the boys were more surprised than hurt, and once I detangled them from the wreckage and did a quick inspection, they both cried pitifully while I held them. Julian actually got over it first, and then we went about our shopping business within a few minutes, with an unusually contrite Gabriel walking timidly next to me insisting on holding my hand.

I couldn't believe it later when I said strongly to Gabriel that he mustn't climb on the shopping cart again and he said, "Why?". Still, for once, I think the experience made an impression on him. And me!

On top of it, Trader Joe's was out of frozen mango chunks.


Given my tendency to write, document and log compulsively, it's a wonder -- or perhaps a blessing -- that I didn't start a blog years ago. But, for better or worse, here we are. I have no doubt that this blog will serve me more than anyone, simply by giving me a place to expunge my brain in writing. It's the process, not the result, that matters. Or perhaps that's what separates bloggers from writers.

It's tempting to try to go back and give a little context or catch-up, but where do you start? It's impossible. So, just like the daily email messages I used to send to family, I'll try not to draw the edges first and instead will just jump right in with today's various stories and trivia.

Let's does this work. "Save as Draft." That's what I need in life: a button to save something as a draft. It should be my life's tagline. 'Cause heaven knows I'm far from publishing a final version.