Saturday, February 03, 2007

2/3/07 Party Day

Ugh. What an awful night. Night? What am I saying? Is it a night if you're up several times an hour, every hour? I was so, so frustrated this morning. What was the point of trying to go back to sleep when I knew I'd be woken up yet again? It's easier to stay awake. But that's hard too.

Fortunately, Uncle Ronan accompanied Dave and the boys to Bobbi's this morning, which meant they had room for one more: Katrina. So I got a good baby-free nap this morning. Still, an hour and a half nap isn't nearly enough. I can't even remember what a good night's sleep means. Or even a bad night's sleep. I got up just in time to get to Gabriel's gymnastics class, once again missing him in action by seconds.

But I did join everyone for some outdoor play afterward. I even got a rare good photo of Dave and Katrina.

Ronan appreciated the clean and cheerful playgrounds, and the springlike scent in the air. Funny, I don't notice how it smells outdoors anymore, unless I go back East. I guess it's what you're used to.

Katrina and her hands....and tongue. It's getting a lot easier to get tongue-sticking-out pictures. In fact, when Gabriel was a baby, it became impossible to get pictures of him without his tongue sticking out! Julian really never did that. Yet another way that Katrina takes after her older older brother.

Not easy to pose these people, but I sort of managed.

Back home, we did a mini-family party for Gabriel, with a train cake I had a very hard time decorating (sans frosting this time). Then we opened all his presents -- this kid was showered! What generous and thoughtful friends and family! This helped shake off the creepy feeling I still have when I think about Chuck E Cheese.

Later, Katrina and I joined Uncle Ronan for a walk outside, and Ronan spent a little time making faces at -- and with -- his smiley little Spock-eared niece.

I took Ronan to the airport tonight, and as I type, he's getting on a JetBlue flight back to New York. I'm torn between being so happy he was here, and so sad we can't see him all the time. The boys loved him, and were so relaxed and natural with him, just the way it should be with family.

Though it's natural to use your own childhood as a model for how you raise -- or not -- your own kids, one big difference from my childhood for my kids is contact with extended family. Separate coasts notwithstanding, these kids will grow up really knowing their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I'm already scheming about the next visit!


Friday, February 02, 2007

2/2/07 Katrina's stats

4-month appointment today. Katrina is:

13 lbs (50th %ile), 24-1/2" (50th %ile)

For comparison, Gabriel and Julian at 4 months were:

Gabriel: 13 lbs 4 oz (25th %ile); 25" (25th %ile)

Julian: 16 lbs 2 oz; 25-1/4", no percentile recorded.

So she's actually smaller than the boys were at this age, but is a little bigger than Gabriel percentagewise, and smaller than Julian percentagewise (I believe; I'm pretty sure Julian was at least 50th %ile at 4 months). It's a safe bet that Julian will end up being the largest of the three.

Katrina's eyes are the most like Uncle Ronan's of all family members: gray-blue.

Uncle Ronan set up the Lionel trains today for the boys. A BIG hit! But the boys, especially Gabriel, could use a refresher course in sharing. Then again, asking Gabriel to share a new train is highly advanced. I finally had to kick him off the rug in the family room altogether for Julian to get a turn.

It's so nice having Uncle Ronan here. I wish he lived closer!!

Katrina has a very cute new habit of sticking her tongue out a lot. This picture isn't really a good example, but it's cute anyway.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

2/1/07 Back from Tucson

Katrina and I returned from Tucson yesterday, after an overall successful trip. The plane flights weren't too torturous, though they were a fair amount of work for me keeping baby happy at times. At one point, I lifted Katrina up so she could see all the people behind us on the plane, and I heard various giggles from grandparent-types around the plane as she looked around and surveyed her subjects. I learned something about Katrina: she's a bit of a ham! In airports, she turned on all her smiley charm and delighted everyone who looked at her.

Our main purpose was to visit Grandpa Jim of course, and this was accomplished. I wish I'd gotten more pictures, but there never seemed to be a good time or place! Once again, Katrina came through with being an adorable, outgoing, friendly, smiley and irresistable baby for the one grandparent-type that really was her grandparent. Dad and Ma'at both adored her, and how could they help it?

The day we left, we had Gabriel's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese first. I went into this with misgivings, and came out of it swearing never, ever to do anything there again. I hated it! Noisy and crowded and completely impersonal....and they didn't even have anything ready for his party when we arrived. The worst part was that there was so much blaring noise and video stuff going on that the kids really didn't interact with each other. What's the point then? I feel guilty about all the moms and dads who made the effort to attend this calamity. Next year: a small party with a few friends that Gabriel picks -- at home.

This weekend, we'll make up for it. Uncle Ronan arrives tonight, and we'll do another little family party this weekend when Gabriel opens the piles and piles of gifts he's received. I'll make a train cake, and we'll all be together -- that's what really counts.

Gabriel got a hand-knit sweater from Bonne Maman! I love the colors and the little engine design she put on it. And it'll fit him for a few years to come. Thank you Bonne Maman!