Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/2021 Early really is for the birds

Being at work at 6:30am, even if it's at home in PJs, really is convenient. What else will you do with that morning, other than *sleep* ? And it meant I was home two days in a row when Gabriel got home. What wonderful time together.

But what a fantastic price I pay -- I'm tired, dragging, clock-watching and miserable all day long. And ironically, so fried that my famous 2nd wind kicks in around 9pm and can't be shut off. I've said it 1000 times and I'll say it again: some people are just not meant to be morning people.

The earlier schedule is good though: I really liked being home when Gabriel got home. But I really didn't like the isolation of the past 2 days (an online instructor-led training class). I need a reason to get outdoors, even -- especially -- on a rainy day. (Finally, some rain here!)

I'm a big believer in crazy fantasies, because having them is the only way they -- or some genesis of them -- will happen. Could I ever work part-time and be home when kids got home? Not unless I identify that as a goal and make it happen.

But for now, full-full-time is plenty. I have SO much to learn, I'm SO green, that I'm in no position to be proposing alternative work schedules or policies. And for all I know, when it is possible, maybe I won't want that anymore. But crazy-fantasy goals can't happen at all if you don't want them.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19/2012 The Class

6:30am! I started a class this morning at that time. I thought it'd be easy too, but no, I had to concentrate FULL-ON right away. Ouch! At least I could be in PJs at home, though that felt funny -- I did get dressed. It's a "real" class, with an instructor and students I can talk to, but it's all virtual.

I was the only student out of 5 in the Pacific time zone -- I was really surprised to hear that one is in the Atlantic timezone. That's four hours ahead! (I think he was in New Brunswick, Canada.)

It's also amusing that whenever any of the other participants spoke, the teacher would have to ask, "Who is this?" -- except me. It took me all day to notice that, but duh, as is almost always the case, I'm the only one with a feminine(ish) voice.

One nice thing being home all day with this intense class was looking forward to Gabriel getting home from school, which he did around 4pm. And I got to greet him with freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookies -- every kid's dream of coming home after school!

It's hard to ignore the increasing pangs of wanting to be there when they (for now, just he, but someday, they) get home. Right now, driving for pickups and then walking in the door with them is the worst part of my day, but beinbg home already when the kids got home on their own -- preferably with fresh-baked cookies -- could be the best part of my day.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1/17/2012 School-Tuesday Night

This is for real now! No more holidays, trips to NYC, or MLK days. Tonight was as regular a Tuesday night as it gets, which means Dave goes to Tuesday dinner, Julian goes to Kung Fu, and I have to figure out what won't bore everybody to death for lunch tomorrow, no one does their homework or hangs up their jacket.

I've been doing a long training class at work, which I really like, but it sure drags the day out. I'm ready for a good crisis!!

Katrina was patient tonight before her bath, while I was downstairs wrapping up a quick email message and she was ready for her "jets" bath (a treat: I let her take a bath in my usually-kid-free bath with jets). She reminded me a few times, calling from the top of the steps, "Come ON Mom!" After 4 or 5 times of this, she'd had enough and called down, "Mom, get your butt UP HERE!!!"

For non-Facebook readers, I also had an awful episode in which a bad taste in my mouth caused me to seek out our small sample bottles of kid-anti-cavity-mouthwash. It's bubble-gum flavored after all, and that was better than what I had. The bottle was almost empty, so I downed its contents -- then realized, this is not mouthwash, it's liquid SOAP!!! GAHHHHH!!!! Julian must have tried to refill the bottle.

But as gross as it was, I made the most of it -- what story could make little boys laugh harder?? I told it again and again, with animation and gestures and faces and grasping my throat with my hands as it to choke from the foul taste. They ate it up, they thought it was HILARIOUS. Gabriel as new respect for his little brother now.

But she was very sweet at dinner: "Mom, you're the best mom ever!!" Though her sentiment can change rapidly, I accepted the moment.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

1/15/2012 Work week

Even next week still isn't a "normal" week, in a good way: the kids are out of school tomorrow. I would have planned a ski trip for this 3-day-weekend, except that my whole company had a work-related obligation Friday night and Saturday day and night. It turned out OK, but if there had been snow in the mountains I'd have some real regrets. Last week, the conference on Thursday and Friday also meant a big change in schedule, like not making dinner for the family and not having time to work out. So I'm looking forward to a "regular" week -- especially one without a school day!