Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19/2012 The Class

6:30am! I started a class this morning at that time. I thought it'd be easy too, but no, I had to concentrate FULL-ON right away. Ouch! At least I could be in PJs at home, though that felt funny -- I did get dressed. It's a "real" class, with an instructor and students I can talk to, but it's all virtual.

I was the only student out of 5 in the Pacific time zone -- I was really surprised to hear that one is in the Atlantic timezone. That's four hours ahead! (I think he was in New Brunswick, Canada.)

It's also amusing that whenever any of the other participants spoke, the teacher would have to ask, "Who is this?" -- except me. It took me all day to notice that, but duh, as is almost always the case, I'm the only one with a feminine(ish) voice.

One nice thing being home all day with this intense class was looking forward to Gabriel getting home from school, which he did around 4pm. And I got to greet him with freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookies -- every kid's dream of coming home after school!

It's hard to ignore the increasing pangs of wanting to be there when they (for now, just he, but someday, they) get home. Right now, driving for pickups and then walking in the door with them is the worst part of my day, but beinbg home already when the kids got home on their own -- preferably with fresh-baked cookies -- could be the best part of my day.


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