Friday, January 20, 2012

1/20/2021 Early really is for the birds

Being at work at 6:30am, even if it's at home in PJs, really is convenient. What else will you do with that morning, other than *sleep* ? And it meant I was home two days in a row when Gabriel got home. What wonderful time together.

But what a fantastic price I pay -- I'm tired, dragging, clock-watching and miserable all day long. And ironically, so fried that my famous 2nd wind kicks in around 9pm and can't be shut off. I've said it 1000 times and I'll say it again: some people are just not meant to be morning people.

The earlier schedule is good though: I really liked being home when Gabriel got home. But I really didn't like the isolation of the past 2 days (an online instructor-led training class). I need a reason to get outdoors, even -- especially -- on a rainy day. (Finally, some rain here!)

I'm a big believer in crazy fantasies, because having them is the only way they -- or some genesis of them -- will happen. Could I ever work part-time and be home when kids got home? Not unless I identify that as a goal and make it happen.

But for now, full-full-time is plenty. I have SO much to learn, I'm SO green, that I'm in no position to be proposing alternative work schedules or policies. And for all I know, when it is possible, maybe I won't want that anymore. But crazy-fantasy goals can't happen at all if you don't want them.


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