Sunday, July 08, 2012

7/8/12 Training Wheels??

We're done! Katrina learned to push-start herself on a bike without training wheels! After a lesson at a nearby park with Dad, she practiced all afternoon around our yard, with varying success. But at least she knows what to do and is motivated to do it. Yayyy!

This is yet another milestone to brush off the last bits of baby/toddlerhood, and I say, thank goodness! I'm so excited she has this in her rapidly growing big-kid repertoire.

Not sure where this fits into stereotypes, but Katrina was well behind her brothes in relative age giving up training wheels. Julian was 3-1/2, Gabriel was 4-1/2 and Katrina was 5-1/2. Just a data point, and in our case probably mostly dominated by personality -- for instance, Julian had no POINT to prove when he was learning, he just wanted to learn to ride, and did.

In any case, I'm thrilled they're all on two-wheelers now!