Friday, February 02, 2007

2/2/07 Katrina's stats

4-month appointment today. Katrina is:

13 lbs (50th %ile), 24-1/2" (50th %ile)

For comparison, Gabriel and Julian at 4 months were:

Gabriel: 13 lbs 4 oz (25th %ile); 25" (25th %ile)

Julian: 16 lbs 2 oz; 25-1/4", no percentile recorded.

So she's actually smaller than the boys were at this age, but is a little bigger than Gabriel percentagewise, and smaller than Julian percentagewise (I believe; I'm pretty sure Julian was at least 50th %ile at 4 months). It's a safe bet that Julian will end up being the largest of the three.

Katrina's eyes are the most like Uncle Ronan's of all family members: gray-blue.

Uncle Ronan set up the Lionel trains today for the boys. A BIG hit! But the boys, especially Gabriel, could use a refresher course in sharing. Then again, asking Gabriel to share a new train is highly advanced. I finally had to kick him off the rug in the family room altogether for Julian to get a turn.

It's so nice having Uncle Ronan here. I wish he lived closer!!

Katrina has a very cute new habit of sticking her tongue out a lot. This picture isn't really a good example, but it's cute anyway.


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