Thursday, March 30, 2006


Given my tendency to write, document and log compulsively, it's a wonder -- or perhaps a blessing -- that I didn't start a blog years ago. But, for better or worse, here we are. I have no doubt that this blog will serve me more than anyone, simply by giving me a place to expunge my brain in writing. It's the process, not the result, that matters. Or perhaps that's what separates bloggers from writers.

It's tempting to try to go back and give a little context or catch-up, but where do you start? It's impossible. So, just like the daily email messages I used to send to family, I'll try not to draw the edges first and instead will just jump right in with today's various stories and trivia.

Let's does this work. "Save as Draft." That's what I need in life: a button to save something as a draft. It should be my life's tagline. 'Cause heaven knows I'm far from publishing a final version.

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