Thursday, March 30, 2006

Trader Joe's Tumble

Today's big event was our usual hike at Rancho San Antonio, then to Trader Joe's to stock up on guilt-free convenience food. I forewent the car-carts, as often those cause more trouble than they're worth, and put Julian in the shopping cart's seat, while Gabriel walked with me, though he sometimes hangs on the back.

But as I turned my head to pick bananas, Gabriel climbed up the side of the shopping cart! I turned my head back just in time to see the cart, and Julian, topple to the ground on top of Gabriel! Julian had quite the fall. It was a shocking sight, the boys on the ground under the shopping cart, capturing the attention of numerous passersby, all of whom were asking if I needed help before I really knew.

Actually, it was immediately clear that the boys were more surprised than hurt, and once I detangled them from the wreckage and did a quick inspection, they both cried pitifully while I held them. Julian actually got over it first, and then we went about our shopping business within a few minutes, with an unusually contrite Gabriel walking timidly next to me insisting on holding my hand.

I couldn't believe it later when I said strongly to Gabriel that he mustn't climb on the shopping cart again and he said, "Why?". Still, for once, I think the experience made an impression on him. And me!

On top of it, Trader Joe's was out of frozen mango chunks.

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