Friday, July 28, 2006

7/28/06 Julian on his way!

Today was Day#6 of underpants for Julian. And he's doing so well, I'm afraid I'm going to get overconfident!

The first day, last Sunday (7/23), it was a big deal that he told us he had to go once, and we had piles of wet underpants. But by yesterday (Thursday), he only had two accidents, and only one of those was of the "wet but doesn't say anything" variety, and today, he only had one! The one he had today was actually a poop accident, rare for him, but it happened while he was outside, and he came right in to tell me (given this little boy's struggle with his stiff bowels, it's quite understandable). Now he's going less often now (learning to consolidate), can wait a few minutes when he announces it's time to go, and is much more willing to go before we get in the car or leave someplace. And he's been to the Y's Childwatch and my old gym's daycare four times this week, a huge challenge for any new potty-trainer. Next step is for him to learn to handle his clothes himself -- not all his underpants are easy to pull down, and some of his shorts aren't either.

At this rate, he'll night-train before Gabriel! (And ugh, don't get me started on that ... complete opposite of Julian's success, and we have no idea what to do.) I'm not sure I dare yet to say he's done, but he's so close I see no reason to go back to diapers (and I just bought a huge box, darn). I'm so proud of him!


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