Monday, January 08, 2007

1/8/07 Technical difficulties

Neither our DSL nor cable Internet works consistently or reliably at all now. On top of it, I'm getting so many spam bounces (from spamees who've been spammed by someone forging as a return address) that downloading email keeps timing out. What a pain!

Our stairwell is still a construction project: dirty, dusty, covered in tape and paper. The main painter contractor arrived today to check it out, and told me he thought that since there was still some carpentry to do, he'd have his guy wait until it was done to finish the hallway. NOOOOO!!!!!! We can't order carpet, install our stained-glass window, or clean thoroughly and really live up there when we have to pass through the construction zone every time we go upstairs! He said OK, he'll have his guy work tomorrow. He hasn't been here the past two days, so I will be very bummed if he doesn't show up tomorrow. We have to make progress on this, I am really getting depressed about it.

At least children were really good today, thanks in part to a nice long Julian nap. Gabriel was in a good cooperative mood, and typical of Gabriel, when he sets his mind to something, he does it with intensity and focus, including being great.

Katrina has been making all sorts of adorable new noises, and loud ones! I caught a little of it today, not the best example though since she got distracted by her own hands.

(More problems -- I can't get the embedding to work right. Here's a link:)
Katrina talks and then gets distracted by her hands

She reminds me of Gabriel at 3 months old, lying under a tree and shouting and yipping at it. But the similarity ends there -- I also remember doing our taxes with Gabriel sitting on my lap at 2-1/2 months old. No way would I attempt that with Miss Wiggles!


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