Monday, April 30, 2007

4/30/07 Katrina's first Cheerio

Katrina's been sitting up so much better! I'm psyched. I still can't quite leave her without a Boppy, but she's not tumbling every few minutes anymore.

So I tried her first Cheerio today!

Well, really a Joe's O. My Mom likes them better than genuine Cheerios, so, what the hey. Clearly, another Trader Joe's convert.

I'd forgotten how hard it is to pick up a dry Cheerio, and then, if you're a baby, how easy it is to lose it.

Katrina dug into the task with focus reminiscent of her older brother, never getting frustrated, just working doggedly at it until she'd lost it entirely. I only gave her one at first, then realized it's much easier for a brand-new-picker-upper to have multiple targets.

Actually eating one was another matter; she never got that far and wouldn't accept one when I helped it to her mouth. But she wasn't in the best mood this afternoon, from a sorely inadequate afternoon nap, so wasn't all that psyched about new experiences.

Once again though, she put on her Sweet face and perked up when Dave got home. Do we have a Daddy's Girl in the making? I'd be delighted.

Julian had an unusual nap today -- he fell asleep in the car while we were picking up Gabriel, and I actually successfully transferred him to the living-room couch. This success was entirely about keeping his pesty brother at bay, as Gabriel full of high spirits and revved up for an afternoon of fraternal torment. And indeed, later, Gabriel spent some time in his room, banished for unmercifully bullying Julian.

Even worse, after three times touching Katrina's face (a serious misdeed), I forbade Gabriel to touch her at all for the rest of the day. He means well, but he is just too rough to be sticking his filthy fingers on her face, or grabbing her ears to pull her head toward him for a kiss. And he just doesn't listen to me.

I made some progress on my closet project this morning, making efficient use of my baby-free morning. I had a thousand other things to do, but I needed to spend some baby-free time away from the office. It felt good to dig my hands into a project.

Believe it or not, this photo is progress, since the closet is now completely empty, of Stuff and of white wire shelving and all the hardware to hang it. (How unlike me not to have gotten a true "before" photo.) My Plan is to put in a solid shelf (no more wire shelves, I hate them) shelf all the way around, tall enough to put bookshelves in, and a rod to hang things on one of the sides of the closet. We don't need 8 feet to hang coats, we barely have 2 feet's worth. We do need lots and lots of shelves. We don't need over half of what was stored in this closet. That's what this project is about: more Storage for less Stuff.

I went swimming tonight, partly to relieve a neck crick I got from attempting chinups at the Y yesterday. It's like taking a drug to counteract the side-effects of another drug. Maybe there really is something to this getting old stuff.


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