Wednesday, August 01, 2007

8/1/07 Katrina's 9-month appt

Er...9-month? But isn't Katrina almost 10 months old? Yeah, well....lame Mom didn't actually make the appointment until after she was 9 months old. Behind as usual. The dog ate my homework and all that.

Baby's stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 8 oz (5th %ile)
Length: 27.75" (50th %ile)

Awesome job on the weight though -- that's over 2 pounds in two months! No more weight checks. She's still barely hanging on to being on the chart, but since she's in bounding good health, there's no concern.

Indeed, the conversation with the pediatrician was downright boring. There's just nothing to report. All developmental milestones are on the mark, she eats great, sleeps well, poops fine, has no unusual behaviors, and is basically a happy, joyful, completely healthy, if skinny, baby. She hasn't even really been sick, other than a sniffle or two way back when. The 3-week hive episode in May is the only thing of note, and like all pediatricians, this one shrugged it off too.

Katrina is delighted with her new crawling skill, and has been exploring every facet and every contour around her. What used to be an inaccessible blob is now a stack of magazines to pull down, a cabinet door to open, a wire to pull. She's also really really really trying to pull herself to a stand, but doesn't quite know how yet. (My plea to Mother Nature: Oh please please please give me an on-time walker this time around! I've earned it!)

Gabriel had a field trip to Boomers today, a park in Livermore (a good 45 minutes away, in the East Bay). He must have had fun, because he actually talked about it, telling me about the bumper boats and the mini golf.

And he was very ... er, energetic tonight when he got home, completely hyping up Julian too. It's really becoming a problem, how noisy and obnoxious the boys are during dinner, making it impossible for Dave and I to exchange even a few words. Kicking them out of the dining room does nothing; they scream and complain and then don't eat and then run around like mad, disturbing us even more and not learning a thing out of it. Supernanny, what are we to do?!

Thank goodness for bedtime. And for beautiful healthy babies.


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