Monday, August 20, 2007

8/20/07 Into and out of

Katrina has a new skill: putting objects into containers!

This isn't usually a noteworthy milestone, but I took notice of it because I clearly remember when Gabriel did so for the first time. He was 14 months old, and I thought nothing of his age, but did notice how much fun he had with it once he got it. Then when Julian started to do it at a much younger age (like 7-8 months, though I forget exactly), and in a much more coordinated and deliberate way, I wondered if Julian was super smart or something. No, it turned out, Julian was just normal, right on track, and that putting objects into containers was just one of countless things that Gabriel did late. Which I wouldn't have worried about even if I realized it then. But now I do know about these various quasi-milestones, so I notice that Katrina just started it.

Much like her older older brother, she takes great delight in this newfound ability. She entertains herself for over half an hour at a time (if let be) putting toys in a bucket, shaking it around, then pulling them back out. (She's also getting pretty good at pulling herself up to a semi-stand on low objects, like a footstool.)

Younger older brother's coordination skills and inclination to manipulate objects with his hands led to another hair hack job this morning. Julian now has another quarter-sized bald spot smack dab on top of his head, having gone into Gabriel's Special Bin that no one is allowed into except Gabriel, stolen Gabriel's scissors and then enacted the coiffe.

It'd be funny except that he absolutely has to learn the rule that scissors are only to be used on paper. According to Gabriel (hardly a reliable source), Julian also tried to cut Gabriel's hair. It gets a lot less funny when you think what Julian might try if Katrina were sitting innocently putting cars into a wagon.

After a tough night last night, the drama continued this morning, with the boys making a ton of noise at 6:30am, and me fighting a migraine. It made me seriously depressed and impatient again, with no reserves for serious offenses.

Such as: Julian throwing things in the pool at swim class today. At me. Hitting me in the face. Twice. Barely missing Katrina. Twice. Then after I kicked him out of the pool, he threw his towel in the changing room -- harmless but a re-offense nonetheless. (This after just yesterday, he got in huge trouble for throwing a paddle and hitting Katrina.) The final throw earned him a hard smack on a naked and wet bottom. It hurt. He cried...but he wasn't the one in tears as we left.

The day wasn't an entire waste, even if my Good-Mom karma was.

This morning, we met with our architect to review two preliminary designs. One was based on what I'd had in mind (moving the kitchen to the sunny West side of the house), and was far far better than anything I'd been able to sketch.

But the second was a radical re-layout, something she described as "the house spoke to me." And it is absolutely fabulous. Incredibly, even though we'd be adding only 300 square feet, it makes such better use of the existing space that all 3 kids could have their own room! She even drew in three little semi-circles for seats at the kitchen island :). It's preliminary, we have a lot to pin down, but I'm beside myself with excitement. It's totally the right direction to go. I'm starting to regret we ever remodelled upstairs without such excellent professional help.

Calm Mom and Good Mom have taken a serious hiatus this week. Fine timing, since my oldest son is starting kindergarten in 3 days. He deserves better.


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