Monday, September 03, 2007

9/3/07 Labor Day

Laura and Ryan are the embodiment of Labor Day, a day meant to remedy labor: relax, rest, hang out. No one does these feats like they do, and it's marvelously infectious.

The boys -- all of them -- went to a nearby BMX bicycle park that just opened, so that the boys -- the three of them who had bicycles -- could ride around. Julian made a huge leap, and can now stop and start on the two-wheeler by himself! Later he was riding around the backyard fast, having been released from the training wheels. Go little biker!

Meanwhile, we girls made a pilgrimmage to the new Whole Foods, something I knew Laura, a foodie mentor of mine, would appreciate.

We didn't get a lot of photos this trip somehow, a shame because we had under our roof the best photographer possible for our semi-cooperative brood. It's not easy to get closeups of Katrina-grabby-paws anyway!

At least I got a few of Uncle & Aunt with their niece, even though they mostly spent time with their healthier and more agreeable nephews.

It took some time for Katrina to warm up to new grownups holding her, especially considering that she cries even when grownups she knows (Tonya, Peggy) hold her when Mom or Dad are around. But she did so pretty fast with Laura and Ryan.

She's gonna warm up real fast, and the boys will be even happier, when they put together the following combination of elements:

1) Mom hates going to big crowded places
2) Dad doesn't like it either
3) Laura and Ryan live in southern California
4) Laura and Ryan love Disneyland!

Someday! But for now, an unlaborful Labor Day is the way to go.


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