Tuesday, June 24, 2008

6/24/08 Progress

Whew, busy day.


Meeting with contractor & architect at the jobsite (formerly known as "home"). Lots more problems prevented, little things shifted, can we get enough headroom to eliminate a step on the landing. Staircases are always hard.

This is where we used to give the kids baths.

Then architect put on her interior designer hat, and we met again at the kitchen designer's place. They thought there was too much of a mixture of finishes throughout the house and that I'd find it chaotic. Truth is, I'd probably never notice, but I'm not design-savvy that way and am very (too?) tolerant of chaos. But, I do want it to look nice to other people, and I do like to be in places that look nice, even if I don't know what "nice" is until I'm not in it.

The color scheme for the kitchen:

Hard to tell in photos, but, clockwise from upper left:
  • stain sample for doors, windows and trim.
  • flooring (red oak)
  • glass sample for kitchen cabinets
  • cherry butcher block
  • cabinet paint color (off-white)
  • countertop (small square slightly offset)
  • island/pantry/entertainment area wood stain color
  • (cherry butcher block again)

    Let's put this in perspective. The real color in the kitchen will come from my "shu-shef."

    After these draining, but uplifting, meetings, I picked up Julian. Gabriel wasn't back from his field trip to a beach boardwalk, so I went to pick up Katrina at Tonya's. Impulsively, I decided to stop by another daycare/preschool on the way, just to check it out. I've known about this place for some time, and while it has the downsides of not being super close and not providing lunch, it's much brighter and cheerier and has a very nice outdoor play area. And note how I described it as being "on the way." It's 5 minutes from Gabriel's school, and another 7 minutes to Tonya's (12 if I catch reds). Not ideal, but still a big improvement. I'm considering it.

    Much to do, no energy or enthusiasm to do it tonight!

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