Tuesday, July 01, 2008

7/1/08 Made it!

Flight went well! Exhausting under the best of circumstances, which we basically had. Katrina had a hard time falling asleep in the carseat, but did eventually and stayed zonked throughout the landing. Boys were great. Saturday night/Sunday morning is the time to fly East, as there's the least traffic and lines. My brother meeting us was essential -- even with him, we still needed Gabriel to push the stroller.

We spent a night at the Engel family's "artloft," then left Monday afternoon for Pennsylvania, from where I type. Katrina especially is having a fabulous time playing outside. Julian has a temperature today. Gabriel enjoying Bonne Maman's piano. Days are filled with little more than looking over the garden and playing Go Fish, and that's great.

We're hoping to be joined by more family this weekend; we know my brother and his girlfriend (who I've never met!) are coming; my sister and her family and hopefully Papa Paul's son and his girlfriend too.

I'm having fun cooking with my highly skilled and creative mother, the master!

photos later, maybe.


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