Thursday, July 17, 2008

7/17/08 Eggs

Eggs? First, the scramble -- we all woke up at almost 8:30am today. So much for getting on the road by 8:10! Somehow I managed to get Gabriel to daycamp just 5 minutes late for his 9am rally, with the other three in tow, and all having had breakfast.

Julian's Lil'Chef's daycamp has a potluck tomorrow, so we made zucchini biscuits this afternoon. I gave him as many jobs as I could think of, taking over only when it prevented a major mess for me to clean up, but he did really, really well. I let him fill the wells of my mini-muffin pan, and to my amazement, he filled them all equally and without a single splatter!

I took a little clip of him cracking an egg (didn't break the yolk, no shells!).

Gabriel has spent so much time studying how the electronic piano plays its pre-programmed "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" that he now knows the left hand harmony. Obviously his technique needs work, but to me the main thing is: he learned this entirely, completely on his own, from the teeny little screen on the electronic piano.

The gas station where I got last gas charged me $4.41/gallon. Now it's down to $4.37. Down! Finally!


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