Friday, March 13, 2009

The Milestone

Did I say the house is not a jobsite anymore? I counted five trades at the same time today -- painters, kitchen installers, floor guys, tile guys, and electricians. Plus the GC and GC's foreman. And the homeowner.

It should have been six trades -- our heat guy didn't get the message and didn't arrive today. Neither the upstairs nor downstairs heat works!

Please bow your heads and take a moment to honor a truly major milestone in this projecT: the porta-potty has been taken away! This moment was sufficiently momentous as to warrant a photo.


Lots to prep for the open house Sunday, and then it's a big scramble to pack and move in. The house is the best it'll ever be right now -- gleaming new, empty, the tiniest flaws immediately repaired. I'm not the sort to be fussy about a perfect house -- my philosophy runs along the lines of "the house works for you, you don't work for the house." I respect shoes-off policies in other homes, but it doesn't at all fit us. Still, the first ding, the first furniture mark, the first crayon graffiti, will sting. For a few more days, it's still a showpiece, but after that, it shifts to "home."

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