Sunday, April 05, 2009

4/5/09 Playing House

This morning, there were unusual and suspicious happy sounds coming from the boys' room for quite some time. The children were all playing together, and no screaming? What could possibly induce such peace?

How about, playing House? Julian had tucked Gabriel and Katrina in together on his quilt on the floor.

Then read Katrina a bedtime story.

Later, we went to a friend's post-remodel open house, and got to see a beautiful house that's actually lived in, rather than camped in, as ours is. Thank goodness we did our open house before any of our things -- and us -- were actually in there.

Katrina found a dollhouse in no time. More playing House.

And of course, at home, it's just one big game of House. Furniture repair, box unpacking, shelf adjusting, door-fixing, stuff-sorting, thing-finding....this isn't just playing anymore.


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