Monday, July 13, 2009

7/13/09 Pudding Kids

We -- that being two sisters and their five children -- had a nice lazy morning, but by 1pm, grownups thought it was time the kids get a change of scenery, toddler-nap notwithstanding.

It almost seemed that in the time we were figuring out what to do, a heat wave rolled in, which prompted a very last-minute decision to go to a nearby park with water poles. No snacks, no toys, just, pack'em-up'n'go. We only stayed for about half an hour; Katrina's deteriorating mood and a horde of same-shirted day-campers shoo'd us home. Besides, my camera battery died, and what fun is a park outing without a camera?

(I'm kidding about the camera of course.)

A nap for Katrina, and a pudding treat for the rest.

The boys spent the rest of the day in their swim trunks, and the better part of the afternoon and evening outside playing a game loosely based on "baseball."

No one's having more fun than Katrina, who inserts herself into many of the games and is kindly welcomed by her older cousins. The older four play together roughly on the same level, and all play "down" to Katrina's level as they move in and out of various states and games. She's loving it.

Let's hope for more hot tomorrow, we all want to swim!


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