Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/19/09 Happy Trip Cousins!

Our last day together for the cousin visit yesterday -- so we skipped the sunscreen and went ice skating!

Julian and Remi needed a little hand-holding at first, but after some time, I peeled his hand off and got him skating on his own. I was delighted -- he did great skating on his own, and stayed on the ice until it was time to go. No more pooping out after 10 minutes this time. He had a great time!

Aidan wall-hugged at first, and since Steph was occupied with the younger two, I had a chance to work with him a little. It took one time around the rink before he was skating completely on his own, zooming around comfortably, taking chances and experimenting, and having a great time. And recovering from falls without a whimper, getting right back up and going.

We had a nice visit with our new stepfamily, if you will -- our father's new girlfriend's daughter -- then it was time to pack up and say goodbye.

The cousins took a redeye, which I've always found to be the most successful way to fly with kids. But they were tired!

We West Coast cousins had a relaxed day today too, our only outing being to return the rented minivan. Other than that, today involved some half-hearted cleanup and some very reluctant preparation to go back to work tomorrow.


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