Monday, August 31, 2009

8/31/09 K-fun

Out of the blue at dinner, Julian blurted out something about a music class. "It was SOOOO fun!" he exclaimed. He got down on the floor and showed us some of the clapping patterns they did, and said random things about it that I don't remember now. The PTA sponsors music classes once every two weeks I think, and he must have had his first one today. Gabriel never said a word about music classes, but Julian couldn't stop talking about it. He loved it.

I asked Julian if other kids in his class get hot lunch, before remembering that he's an AMer, which means he and his AMer classmates leave class before lunch and don't deal with hot lunch at all. To my surprise, he still rattled off a list of names of kids who get hot lunch -- all PMers with whom he overlaps an hour and a half, and before lunch.

He can also tell me who his friends are (though he still struggles with some of the names), and various things about the class, like who's at what table. Such a difference from Gabriel, who gave a fraction of this information, and only with a lot of careful probing.

Thanks to Julian, I'm learning a lot about kindergarten!


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