Thursday, December 03, 2009

12/3/09 Tantrums

Argh! Katrina's tantrums have been fast and furious lately. For those who don't follow on Facebook, a few days ago she had a big tantrum in the car because she didn't want the sun to go to sleep. Then she was outraged because the moon was rising. I mean, really!

Major fit today picking Gabriel up from school today. Gabriel tried to comfort her and eventually got her out of it.

Attempt at photo session at home, on the premise of enticing a nearby cat to come back. Katrina wasn't buying it.

Gabriel set straight to work on his yearbook cover drawing. He worked on this nonstop for about 3 hours! My poor orange colored pencil is down to about 1" long now. I was hoping to do some scrapbooking this afternoon, but my project space got taken over (Julian was adding a photo to his Mexico poster, one I took myself on a trip to Copper Canyon in 1995.)

Gabriel's final drawing for the yearbook cover. I love the wry expression of the cougar.

The reason for all this art? Because it's a yearbook cover drawing contest. He wants to win. Dave and I have both warned him that there are many talented artists and that art is very subjective. Julian piped in, "But as long as you do your best, you win!!" I agree! Is our typical parent B.S. sinking in? I certainly believe that. I'm very proud of both their project efforts today, regardless of the outcome. And that's not B.S..


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