Friday, January 15, 2010

1/15/10 Perspective

Is 2010 over yet? This has really been a hard year so far.

My Dad is back in the hospital tonight, vomiting blood inexplicably. I'm really bummed about the drastic class size increase in our schools -- Julian's class will have 30 kids in it, as compared to 20 when Gabriel was in first grade. Despite devoting much of my day to bringing my house up to par, it seems I spend a ton of time and money and still can't look at it and feel done. I'm nervous about balancing work and life starting next month.

But none of this compares to the horrendous images coming from Haiti. How on earth can I complain about anything in my cushy, comfortable, affluent life when so many people are suffering so intensely. To add to that guilt, suffering goes on all over the world all the time -- and has been in deeply impoverished Haiti for some time -- but it's on our radar now, because of the devastating earthquake and the resulting images all over TV now.

Last week there were little tremors all over California too. Our world is being rocked.



MommaWriter said...

I love the foggy orchard pictures! There just aren't enough mustard-filled fields left around :(

mommieN. said...

Is that mustard? I thought it was oxalis, but upon closer examination, and considering the source (you'd know this way better than I would), maybe it was! Next time I drive by I'll steal a little sample for closer examination :)