Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10/2010 Lessons for Bad People

Gabriel is on a tear lately, being exceptionally rude, defiant, and insolent when something doesn't go his way. Dave and I come down fast and hard on him, but he always stands his ground and continues retorting, escalating situations that start as a minor conflict into all-out war.

It's hard to describe exactly what he says that's so obnoxious -- but yesterday, he put a small sample in writing. I forget what prompted him to write this -- something about having to finish homework before he could play I think -- but just about every sentence is one we hear frequently, and often just after some or other consequence has been doled out (loss of allowance, dessert or whatever). Kids are supposed to stop when a consequence is given, but as usual, Gabriel doesn't follow the kid-manual, and instead it only spurs him on.

Surprisingly, he includes Julian in his demands, hence the "us":

Lessons for Bad People

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. (something he spits out often when I sternly tell him he may not be rude to me. Pointing out the way he's now treating me only results in a loud, angry repetition.)

2. If you take away a toy from us, you will get something taken away, too. (another common response to a warning about getting something taken away)

3. Listen to us!

4. If you take away a toy from us and you tell us when we can get it back, you must give us the toy(s) back when you said, no matter what we do afterward.

5. Shut Up!!!!! ** (unfortunately, also not uncommon, but anything this flat-out rude results in an instant pants-down smack, which *still* doesn't end the conflict)

READ BEFORE COMPUTER TIME (guess he lost computer time or something)

Name David Doudna

Ah, my dear firstborn son. I do love him so. He has such a strong, unshakable personality. I can never help but to admire his toughness, even when I'm furious with him. But lately, he's really been a pain in the ass.


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