Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/27/2010 Pitch to

It was a super busy night again tonight. Julian had T-ball, Gabriel had to practice for his cricket presentation tomorrow, and I have to get ready for our camping trip tomorrow.

But I wasn't missing T-ball today. They're now taking the 'T' out, and moving to the next step: the coaches pitch to their own players. If the kids miss after 3 pitches, they get the tee back out. But this is great! Most of the kids can hit the ball with the bat, and most hit quite a bit better than off the tee. The fielders all have to move back farther, the catcher really has something to do now, and it seems like the whole game is energized. It's slower too, each "inning" takes longer, but it's a definite advancement.

I couldn't stay long, since the plan was that I'd bring Gabriel home during the game, and practice with him before his noisy siblings got home. But I did get to see one of Julian's at-bats. And he hit it way high and far, it was great!

Then he ran home. Right before I ran home.

What a sight. Our landscape designer strongly urged us to add landscape lighting, and we took his suggestions, all of which have been right. It's quite a sight from inside, seeing our new trees lit up.

But it makes me self-conscious. It's a little over the top. It's formal, it's elegant, it's ... wow. Almost too wow.

I guess I'll get used to it. Actually, unfortunately we don't have the lighting in our one private yard, that we'd see ourselves more often. That I'd really like, but somehow it didn't make it in. Ah well, remodeling the whole interior of the house taught me how to "get over" stuff; landscaping is much easier.

I'm off the air until Saturday -- taking the boys camping tomorrow, yippee! Pinnacles National Monument, here we come! After a hectic morning packing that is.


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