Wednesday, June 02, 2010

6/2/2010 Counting the days

It seems sillier than ever now to insist Gabriel do his homework, but there is one last week of homework! Next week though, boy, he's in for a lot of fun. Monday, field day (P.E. activities). Tuesday, camp day -- s'mores, can you believe it? Wednesday, field trip to a park on Caltrain. Thursday, last day of school, water balloon activity -- bring balloons and a change of clothes. Whew! But I CAN'T WAIT!

Big meeting with the landscaper this morning. We're "down" to a punchlist, but it's a long, long punchlist. Half of it is things that were missed (a drip line here, a tree misplaced there, a wobbly arbor). Plants that were missed or missing or misplaced. Then additional items -- could your young strong guys move that huge pile of pavers we're keeping on the .00001% chance we might ever need one of them again. Still, I'm starting to feel like this property will be ours soon again! Just in time for summer!


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