Saturday, July 24, 2010

7/24/2010 Visiting!

Hi all -- busy, full weekend, my favorite kind! I went running this morning while Dave, Ryan, Laura and 3 kids went out to breakfast and later, miniature golf. Then it was hanging at home and watching some of Avatar until swim lesson. Ryan's been playing outside with the boys with their Nerf guns and baseball for hours. Then Ryan's Mom came to visit. That was a lot of fun; Julian showed her and Laura how to play some new card game. We had a great dinner again (Ryan made a phenomenal salmon), dessert, more talk and hanging, the rest of Avatar....just the way we like it! And we get more tomorrow.

Oddly one thing that hasn't been happening is photos. Partly my poor camera has had about its limit of abuse and is about to break open, and partly I've just been too busy or too lazy when the time should have been right. But with Ryan here (a professional photographer) I'm hoping we can get a photo of our family of 5, and also one of me and Laura, and maybe even all of us somehow. If not, well, that's OK. There will definitely be more opportunities.


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