Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7/27/2010 Teachers

Lots of turnover at the CDC lately. I get the impression the new Director isn't well-liked. Young guy, kind of gruff and strict in ways that aren't needed (even in my opinion!). I don't know about this.

To make matters worse, my favorite CDC teacher left today. I am SO bummed! Nichole has been there for a few years, and took care of the kindergartners this year. She's funny and honest and supportive and I consider her an essential component in my support system.

I'm happy for her, she's moving her family to Houston to look for a better life, but we will really miss her.

Next week, Katrina gets a new teacher too. I'll be SO sad not to chat with Miss Jennifer anymore, she is so sweet and funny. But I'm happy to have Miss Amanda again for pre-K, and she won't accept Katrina's refusal to try things! Poor Miss Amanda, she was calibrated by Julian, who though he did his work slowly, was a willing and capable student. Katrina could be a terrific student if she dropped the 'tude. Good luck with that one, Miss Amanda.

Happy Trails, Nichole!


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