Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13/2010 The Mixer

Four nights to get through this week.

Tonight we tried Julian's writing portion of his "heritage figure" doll, seriously hampered by his belief that a "paragraph" must have the format "I know a lot about X. First,....Next,....Last,....Clearly, I know a lot about X." He was rude and resistant, and I decided to give up until after dinner, when food and the potential for dessert seriously improved his attitude.

Gabriel and I had to work on "Nanaimo Bars," a treat named for a harbor city on Vancouver Island, for his Canada project presentation tomorrow. Also, he has to bring in candies to decorate their gingerbread tree tomorrow.

We also have to answer a letter about a "Student Success Team" and a meeting with the principal on Jan 14th about Gabriel's progress in behavior in class.

Maybe we should be having this about Julian too, because his work was all "incomplete" and "poor" last week.

Oh yes, and our contribution to Gabriel's teacher's class gift never made it, so I have to resend it. It's just one thing after another.

At least preschool only requests we be there 3:30 for a Christmas party!

It was so busy helping Julian and getting dinner together that I had to recruit help for Gabriel's baking project from a most unlikely source: Dad. Turns out, at this stage in life, Gabriel knows more about handling the equipment and ingredients for baking than Dave does, though it helps to have any adult to make sure a kid turns the mixer off before lifting it out of the bowl.

School notwithstanding, my boys are going to be awesome bakers! Now that's a legacy every man wants from his mother!!


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MommaWriter said...

I met my first Nanaimo bars last year and they sure are yummy. Thanks for reminding me to make them again this year!