Monday, December 06, 2010

12/6/2010 Belated Birthday

A parent sent me this photo today from Katrina's birthday party. The wide-eyed little girl watching has Katrina's exact birthday day.

This is why you never ask parents to take photos with their own cameras and send them along -- it takes forever. (In fairness, this particular photo was unsolicited and highly appreciated, but the point remains.)

I think Julian is OK with his birthday party being in his classroom this year, and only there. Somehow, every party has turned into a $300 affair, and times three kids that really adds up. Not to mention the potential for 3 parties per kid: class, friend, and family party on the actual day. Too much!

Julian will certainly get a family party on his actual birthday -- and of course with a home-baked cake. Hmm, which would be even more fun if we decorated together -- WHAT fun that would be, and what a fun mess we'd make, just me & him. But I can't say I'd be heartbroken to have his classmates as a captive audience in his classroom to do all the singing, mess-making, goody-bag-grabbing, and cupcake-eating in one handy convenient tidy afternoon. I'm just so overloaded all the time, it'd be nice to have this off my plate.

Julian comes home with goody-bag junk all the time from classmate birthday celebrations, so I know this is done frequently. I just don't know if the classroom parties replace home/friend parties. He hasn't been invited to an "offsite" birthday party yet, but has come home with at least 6 goody bags so far this year.

Besides, I need to save my planning time for some really great ideas I have for trips coming up....! As psyched as I am for our first ski trip in January, right now my mind is on Death Valley in April!!


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Louise said...

Death Valley in April? Does this mean you won't be doing the motorcycle group Death Valley trip in early March? We're going to try to make the March one. Of course we won't be coming by bike, either, so if your whole family came you wouldn't be the only bike-less ones.

Once we're in DV, it makes sense for us to go all the way to the Bay Area, so if we don't see you in the desert, we can catch up locally.