Friday, January 14, 2011

1/14/2011 Soap!

It's been an eventful day in many ways, so this is hardly the biggest event, but, it's the most immediate.

The boys and Dave and I were wrapping up dinner, chatting about what to do for Gabriel's birthday party. Katrina had excused herself and gone upstairs about 10 minutes before.

Suddenly we heard a screeching wail from upstairs. Katrina was screaming crying about something, and kept doing it. It was an alarming sound, and kept escalating. Dave and I rushed upstairs, with the boys close on our heels.

And there was Katrina in the bath, surrounded by bubbles and with the water running over her head, screeching. She'd gotten undressed and started her own bath, and then took the kid-safe shampoo and dumped it on her head and attempted to wash her hair! But she put far too much shampoo on, and enough of it got in her eyes that she panicked and started screaming.

Usually when she goes upstairs she just plays around, so we had no idea she'd taken it upon herself to start her own bath -- with disastrous consequences! As I type, she's still crying on and off. I have to give her credit for independence though!


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