Monday, February 21, 2011

2/21/2011 Separation is the key

Dave had the day off work today, and schools, CDCs and preschool are all closed. But my company was open for business, so I went to work while he took care of the kids.

And my sunroof. There was a recall on my car's aftermarket sunroof, which involved taking it to Hayward on a weekday. Today was a rare opportunity to take care of all -- kids and sunroof.

But Dave was understandably apprehensive about having the boys together all day, and that concern played out first thing in the morning. Fighting, arguing, hitting, wasn't even 8:30 yet. He called Tonya and asked if she could take Julian today, especially since Lance was there anyway. She could, so he took Julian over there. That's all it takes to make for a much, much easier day.

When Julian got home, it took less than 20 minutes for the boys to get into another major fight that brought Gabriel to rare tears of frustration. Pestering, insulting; leads to punching, crying, more screaming, door-slamming.

Is it possible for boys to coexist without constant total chaos??

The only thing they agreed on today, and even that was iffy, was playing with the rats. Julian accuses Gabriel of hogging them, but really, Gabriel spends so much time with them that they've gotten very used to him and want to stay with him. I think there will be more tears when it comes time to say goodbye to our adorable visiting little friends. And that can only lead to more insulting, fighting, shoving, punching, kicking, swinging jackets, tripping...good grief. BOYS.


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