Monday, March 07, 2011

3/7/2011 The Arm Protectors

We finally got a new couch and chair for the family room!!! The new rug isn't here yet, and I still haven't figured out a coffee table (probably a leather storage ottoman actually), but this is a huge improvement.

New chairs and sofas tend to come with arm protectors -- separate pieces of matching fabric that drape over the furniture arms, where human arms will frequently rest and dirty and wear out the furniture arms. I personally hate those things; they're always askew, the kids always tear them off, I don't like the way they look, and we never sit in one place long enough for the furniture arms to show any wear anyway. So when our new furniture arrived, I took off the fabric arm protectors and stuck them on a shelf.

Later that day, I noticed the arm protectors been replaced. Probably Dave thinking someone had taken them off, I thought, and he put them back.

So I took the arm protectors off again, and this time folded them and stashed them farther back on a low deep shelf, so it was clear they were deliberately put there, and not in Dave's line of sight.

Then I noticed the arm protectors all meticulously replaced again. But that was on Friday, when Dave wasn't home. Could he have done it that morning? Seems unlikely. This not being tops on our life's priority list, I didn't think to ask him.

I put them away again. Once again, the next day, they were neatly restored.

This time, I asked Dave if he'd been putting them back, and he said no, he hadn't even noticed. I took them off and put them away again, still visible on an open shelf, but wayyy in the back.

Last night, Katrina had just enough of a temperature to keep her home today, so Dave stayed home with her. And today, once again, the furniture arm protectors returned -- but this time, Dave captured a visual record that solved the mystery.

Mom, this compulsion is your legacy!!!


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