Saturday, May 21, 2011

WWII plane ID

One of the fun things about going to the Collings Foundation tour, aside from flying on vintage military aircraft, is talking with the enthusiastic volunteers, who are all well-versed in WWII aviation history, both Axis and Allied.

I thought there was a good chance they could identify aircraft in some of my grandfather's pictures, and brought some of the tiny photos with me last year. This year, I had found one more photo and brought it with me.

My grandfather is the shorter man on the right, standing in front of what's left of an airplane. This one was bombed on the ground obviously; it didn't fly home like this. Judging by how the wheels are dug in, it had been here for a while.

Though there's not much plane left to identify, these aficionados were able to say this plane was most likely German because of the double wheels and the square-shaped fuselage.

A few other photos with intact airplanes had just enough detail to I.D. them as most likely German. In some, the swastika was the big giveaway.

(My grandfather is on the far right.)

These pictures are really darned small, about 2" x 2.5".

So this leaves the next mystery: where and when was my grandfather when he was posing with captured and destroyed German aircraft?

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