Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/21/2011 First day of summer

It's HOT!! Usually I like hot, but on Tuesdays I go running, usually with a coworker. We had a heck of a time today running our usual 4-1/4 flat route, talking about motivation techniques and trying to keep each other going. Toward the end, my coworker had to stop and walk; for me that's worse so I finished and then walked back to meet him. We were both dizzy and chilled (like goosebumps) and felt awful.

I'm a summer person, but NO THANKS to 99 degree weather! How many more minutes until ski season??

Busy crazy night...last day of preschool tomorrow (!), cleaners coming tomorrow so tons of cleanup tonight -- AND new episodes of White Collar and Covert Affairs on TV. I didn't even bring my work laptop home tonight!

One thing that keeps the Bay Area permanently crowded is that even on 99 degree days like today, it's pleasantly cool tonight.


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MamaB said...

My noon workout class (a walking class!) was canceled because of the heat.