Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11/11 Apparition

I was stunned a few days ago to walk into my house in the late afternoon and see this remarkable image projected upon the wall.

Somehow, it was light distorted by the decorative glass in our front door, but the door is covered by at least a 10' porch ceiling, and faces NorthEast and wouldn't be getting direct sunlight that time of day anyway.

But somehow, the sun was bouncing off something outside, then getting twisted through the door's glass to cast this shaped light on the wall.

Our house doesn't have a lot of bright sunny amazing windows or views, but it does have these unexpected weird little pockets of light and reflections and shadows in places. This was the first I'd ever seen of this after living with this beautiful door for 2-1/2 years. And to think, a copy company thought they could produce it for less money with fewer types of special glass -- no thanks!


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