Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/31/2011 Off the air

Major communication issues! My computer is permanently virus-hacked -- I can get the data, but it's off the Internet and I really can't use it. I have our little Netbook knockoff as a backup, but it's not set up with anything. This seriously hampers my life.

And yesterday, I went running at lunch, and felt tightness in my chest. After leaving work and to go pick up kids, I felt more tightness -- and when I tried to talk, half my voice was gone. It's amazing how fast that happens. Next morning, down to a whisper.

So, no computer and no phone for me -- incommunicado!

Yesterday was really about the struggle of homework. I was reduced to tears again by how unhappy and unsatisfying the evening was. I was completely focused on getting Julian to do his basic language homework, before dinner, during dinner (I had to set a timer), then afterward. He hadn't done what he was supposed to do Monday, and hadn't started his Tuesday language homework either.

Most of my interaction with my children Tuesday night was to encourage, engage, remind, scold and admonish Julian (half a voice notwithstanding), quick snappy comments to Katrina to get her away from us (what a message THAT sends), and a few short terse sentences to Gabriel too (who's been a real sweetheart this week). Thanks a LOT, school. And this is without the work that is intended for parent interaction!

To make matters worse, Thursday night is "Back to School Night," when all 3 kids will have to go to the CDC while Dave and I juggle classroom presentations by the teachers. Which means, no homework will get done at home, which means, finishing the weeks' worth on Wednesday night, which means, not falling behind on Tuesday.

It's frustrating that the teachers give homework on Back to School Night, but of course, we'll be the only ones to complain -- many other parents have other family to keep the kids at home, or only one kid so just one parent has to go out for it. For us, these basic school tasks are a real struggle, and trickle back to the whole week. No wonder I hate school!

And there's no way I can bail out and claim illness tomorrow for Back to School Night -- there's no way around it, we both have to go. I hate school!


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