Wednesday, August 03, 2011

8/3/2011 Smarting

I'm still reeling from yesterday's work events, much of which comes from ongoing frustration at my inability to manage my own emotions. But the day turned around, unexpectedly, despite a horrendous start. First I found out that a greatly liked coworker is coming back (!), then later in the afternoon I was included in a meeting with a VP of Sales, to talk about the conference we all attended in the city last week.

Usually marketing and sales stuff sounds like Charlie-Brown-adult wonk-wonk-wonk to me, but being an in-the-trench engineer so greatly deprived of actual information, it was really enlightening and motivating to hear that our work actually affects someone. I was amused by Mr. Horrible's obvious attempts to steer conversation away from and belittle my area of expertise. He sure is working hard to make me irrelevant. I should be honored! Seems I'm smarting from someone trying to make sure I don't appear smart!

But I really need to work on emotional management and attitude shifts. I can't keep boring my regular blog readers to death with this, either. Though passion for my work is the greatest asset I have, I have to learn to control it. I think it was in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book that she wrote, "Ambition is a good servant, but poor master." My rough game plan now is to gather information, talk to people, tie up lingering projects, and then give my life some serious thought during the days I'll take off the week that school starts.

I still haven't planned whatever trip or activities we'll do that week, but I have a far-away fantasy that it can include Yosemite National Park. Few things uplift me more than the beautiful outdoors, and we have so much of it here! Now that's being smart.


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