Wednesday, September 07, 2011

9/7/2011 Job news

It's official! I resigned from my position as a Member Technical Staff III yesterday. My last day is September 16. I'm still reeling from the changes, but it's totally a good thing. It's not what I wanted originally or set out to do, but as regular readers of this blog know, I had serious issues with my management. Though that's been rectified recently with a new manager, the problems were just too pervasive. I wrote a pretty strong resignation letter, which I later felt sheepish about, but I had a good talk with the CTO today and left it on good terms. Now I just have to get over short-timer's attitude, and try to get a few last things done. But, it doesn't end there. I'm starting a new job Oct. 3! It was just too good an opportunity to pass up. It's a wonderful, successful small, healthy company with relaxed, happy people all around. I'll have lots of challenges, I have a lot to learn, but that's GREAT. Now that I'm past the big hurdle of resigning my current job, I'm really excited about the new job. I'm not excited about saying goodbye to some coworkers at my current job, many of whom have become really good friends, that will be hard. But the new job has some old friends there too -- I'll be the 5th person there (out of about 50) who came from my current company. One of those other 4 people is one of my first coworkers at my current company back from 1997, and we're now old friends. Juggling school and family life is never easy, but this past year and a half I think we've pretty much figured it out. We've figured out that it's never easy, for starters. It'll be harder for me, coming up to speed at a new job, but heck, we did it once before. And this time it will be without the intense stress of a tyrannical evil manager. I'll have two weeks off between jobs, a good thing because I have lots of big tasks to catch up on. Which,of course, I won't -- so I need to pick two or three and make sure those happen. I'm thinking of doing something I thought of a long time ago: a road trip to Southern CA to visit long-lost family, including two cousins of my Dad's who I've never met, my first cousin who I haven't seen since he was 12, my college roommate, and of course my beloved in-laws. Deep breath -- this is a huge change. My current company is the only place I've worked for 14 years -- time to be knocked out of my comfort zone! But then, sometimes ones' comfort zone isn't so comfortable anyway. 9/7/2011

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