Monday, December 26, 2011

12/26/2011 Julian's 8!

This morning Julian and Katrina conspired together to make a Surprise! And they made sure we knew about it.

They'd prepared a breakfast table with namecard settings together.

But most of all, they had a great time together working on the "surprise" for at least an hour.

Around lunchtime, Julian asked about checking out Sky High Sports, the trampoline place where his (as yet unscheduled) birthday party will be. Though I'd planned to do some grocery-shopping and general preparing for the week (I'm going to work for 2 days), right away I thought, "great idea!" The boys were getting stir-crazy and completely out of control, and really needed to wring some energy out. I made an online reservation, and all 3 kids were ready to go on time for once.

My compensation for this outing was a willing photo of all three, which for once they agreed to.

Katrina even willingly modelled her new dress from Bonne Maman and Papa Paul.

An active place like Sky High is just the sort of "kid" entertainment that I really like. On Christmas Day, I'd taken a walk with Julian and Katrina, and ended up at a small playground, which was OK, but those basically bore me. Something that includes entertainment for me is different though.

Cameras on the trampolines aren't allowed, but while Gabriel was taking a break, I asked him to video a new accomplishment.

This place is brilliant -- we only reserved an hour, but Gabriel pooped out after about 40 minutes. Katrina kept going the whole time, and all 3 were WAY calmer when we got home. The problems of Julian pestering Katrina and making her scream, as well as the boys fighting, have been escalating to unbearable levels lately. It's all we can do to keep them apart, and what a shame, but it's so constant that I'm on guard as soon as I hear one kid entering a room that another is occupying. So wearing them out was well worth it.

Cake and singing, with Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan on the iPhone!

What a great way to spend a birthday! Eight. I can't believe it!


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MommaWriter said...

Gosh, 8. I can't believe it either. Doesn't seem like that long ago that you were calling me in Fresno to tell me Julian was on his way! And, of course, that same number is right around the corner for me too. Great dress, Bonne Maman! Looks extra pretty on your pretty little girl too : )