Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/12/2012 The Lag

Is it possible for jet-lag to be lagged? I've never felt more fatigued and worn-down than today. I haven't even blogged about our exciting NYC trip, or sent photos to my family!

Not only haven't I been blogging, but I haven't been baking. How can that be?!

Mostly, it's the change in job. My new job is really different, but despite a few moments of panic about leaving the super-analytical world and moving a little closer to IT (though I'm a network engineer I've never ever done "IT"), it is SO the right thing. I really love it. I guess the angst and frustration at being held back in my old job was a big driver behind all the baking -- I needed to be useful somehow.

That's not to say I love every last aspect of my job. I'm in a sales company now, and it seems I'm learning every week what that really means. Wreaking out every last technical detail isn't as important now as it was, and social geekiness isn't admired with amusement the same way. This week, I'm stuck in a sales conference for 3 straight days -- including Saturday -- and I'm trying to be a grownup about it, but it's a serious drag. In the sales world, this is the bread and butter: networking! Visibility! Elbow-rubbing! Relationship-building! For engineers, on the other hand, it's just a pain in the rear end. But we're begrudgingly going through the motions because we all know what a great situation we have overall.

But it sure makes me sleepy and worn-out. And interferes completely with my exercise routine, adding to the fatigue. Spending all day in large freezing-cold hotel conference rooms only adds to the exhaustion. (However, it's being held in a really, really, really nice, and I mean, beautiful, hotel in San Jose -- much nicer than the one Katrina and I just stayed in in New York! (Hotel Valencia -- courtyard, fountains, roof deck, fountains, courtyard -- wow!)

And I'm way behind on my annual Doudna-kid calendar.

There. All my excuses. And now, at 8:30pm, I just want to go to bed!


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