Tuesday, March 06, 2012

3/6/2012 The Morning Person

URRGH! This whole week, I'm taking an online class that starts at 8:30am -- EASTERN TIME! Do the math, and you'll see that I have to be up, awake and thinking by 5:30am every day. Ouch!

In some ways, it's good. It's a horrendously painful morning, but this class isn't all that hard, and I blow through the labs. I like being done by 2pm or so (my time). In theory, I can go exercise then, but in practice, I'm just too tired. It doesn't matter what time I get to bed (it's 9:20pm now as I type), I just feel awful all day when I have to be up by 5:30am, despite all its convenience benefits.

Speaking of convenience, Gabriel was home sick all day, after leaving school for throwing up before lunch, and then again in the evening, which I was there for. Though he's noisy humming all day, it was nice having him here during the day. I insisted he finish the homework he was able to bring home, then after my class, we snuck in our 2nd-favorite mother-son bonding activity: watching an episode of Burn Notice together.

Today would also have been my Dad's 79th birthday. I've been thinking about him a lot, moreso because the anniversary of his passing is next month, but I'll always think of March 6 of his birthday. NPR's "Talk Of The Nation" show today included an interview with an 88-year-old lady doctor who just wrote a book about how aging parents have to depend on their children, and often don't like that. A 96-year-old woman whose birthday is also today called into the show. 96. The robbery of Alzheimer's brought me to tears -- my Dad should have lived so long too.

Dad was a Morning Person too. Of the countless traits of his I didn't inherit, that's in the Top 5.


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