Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5/16/12 The Model

Super busy-swamped tonight preparing for a presentation I'm giving tomorrow at usual, I go overboard and put far too much time, heart, soul, typing, mental and physical energy into it. But does anyone who knows me really think I can do anything else???

So one little "extra" my presentation will have is a description of how my small-company employer can do wireless network heatmapping and spectrum analysis, with a trainee demonstrating the process.

I was struck when this trainee said, "Look, a rainbow!" Truer than she knows. And now all the kids have seen with their own eyes what a microwave oven can do to a wireless network signal. No wonder dinner was late.

One could argue that I didn't need to go through the effort of setting up this photo shoot or hiring and training this model, but I hate cutting off the truly fun silly parts of a project, even if they're not strictly necessary. For better or worse, it seems this is I go through many things in life -- extraordinary absurd extra effort, to the point that the extras become almost necessary to make it worthwhile to the heart and soul.

Meantime, these photos will make the point that our ability to do RF planning is young (hah hah, get it?), but also that it's pretty easy with the right tools -- a kindergartner could do it!

And now, back to the grindstone....


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