Monday, May 07, 2012

5/7/12 More fashion disaster

Would this make some Moms crazy? Maybe, and perhaps to me it did a little, but it's easy to let go -- and laugh about later.

Katrina's choice of clothing today, on a super-hot day, was ... well interesting. She wore this clowny dress that I (regretfully) got her at Target (before realizing it was quite as bright and ill-fitting as it is). But everything's cute on a 5-year-old girl, so, whatever.

She knows enough to put something under it to avoid the showing-underpants problem at school. But despite a wide assortment of drawers in her drawers, she insisted on heavy wool skort, complete with its own set of shorts underneath!

And a T-shirt under the dress!

I tried to talk her out of it this morning, but she was insistent. Among all the battles I have as a Mom, this is very low on the list! Gabriel pretty much refused to wear long pants all winter last year, so, whatever. The only time he wore long pants this winter was when I insisted because we were headed to the mountains. I think I've proven myself as a let-it-go Mom! (Well, except for horrendous rudeness -- I can let major fashion problems go, but not mahor obnoxiousness.)


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